Way back in 1941, Savigliano Domenico  was living in Borgata Fossato from Diano d'Alba, along with his father Giovanni and mother Emilia. Giovanni owned the vineyards of Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo.
           By that time, there weren’t many who made wine,but they were one of them : at that time, the production of wine was very rudimentary: in a small winery using only wooden barrels, mechanization was non-existent like today, the pressing was done in wooden vats and  the juice was poured  by hand from one cask to another. The wine that was produced with so much passion and effort was then sold in bulk in taverns or in demijohns to private customers, and the transportation was assured by horse-drawn carriages.
In 1963 the Savigliano family moved  Talloria Valley, a village of Diano d'Alba. Piergiorgio is added to the family, who grows under the watchful care of his grandfather Giovanni and father Dominico, who together will teach him the art of pruning the vineyards and the transformation of grapes into wine.
           Over the years, the winery grows bigger: the barrels are no longer from wood, which is replaced with steel. Although with this changes, the Famous Barolo is still aged in wooden barrels even today.
In Diano d'Alba, is cultivated today "Dolcetto Diano d'Alba DOCG",renowed in all Italy, due to  vineyards that produce the perfect grapes in the light of the sun…simply called Sori. This is the main reason why Diano d'Alba is known as the "Town of Sori."
           In the tasting room you can enjoy at any time our fine and prized wines : our rich culture and tradition awaits in a pleasant and familiar tone visitors and customers who want to discover more of the “land of Sori”.