Techniques handed down over the generations, varied soil types, the care and selection of the vines, the people and their culture...

Many things contribute to make the Langhe a land of excitement. And there are many factors that make its wine a unique combination of flavours, aromas and nuances, all waiting to be released at the moment of tasting. Proof of this can be found in the wines of Pier Giorgio Savigliano.

Obtained from superbly positioned vineyards and selected vines, Savigliano's grapes are vinified with scrupulous care. Above all, they are fermented and aged using techniques designed to bring out, and then conserve, the aromas and flavour that make them premium-quality wines.

That is why sampling any wine made by Pier Giorgio Savigliano is so satisfying. Each one is a miracle of sensory gratification in the finest Langhe tradition.